A Rustic Chic Brunch

Once a year, just before the last vestige of color tumbles from the Norway maples, we host a weekend brunch in our barn’s breakfast area for two of our closest friends.  We do it, not only for their wonderful company, but also as a tribute to the fleeting fall foliage and to say a final goodbye to our being able to spend any real quality time outdoors for the rest of the year.  (I don’t count snow shoveling and plowing the pea gravel driveway as “quality outdoor time” and though rustic activities they are, chic they aren’t.)

And so this past Sunday morning, just before the northwest wind began its annual howl, we called our friends from the city to see if they could drive out for our annual brunch.  I must admit it was a bit last-minute this year as the weekends have been dreary and rainy so we kept putting it off.  But dressed in barncoat and wellies, I trekked out to the treeline and coaxed (ok, hacked) a couple of branches from the lone Norway maple that still had a few bright gold leaves left.   These branches always serve as the centerpiece for our annual fall brunch table and they symbolize our last chance to “sit under the trees”  until next spring and so I thought it would be nice to capture the table just before sitting down. 

Should any of the leaves shed while we eat under fall’s final bower, we all just laugh and call them “nature’s garnish”.

All photos by Joel Woodard

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