My Own Private Rustic Chic

The barn with most of her vines and brambles removed and just before her makeover begins

On my first post of November 15, I mentioned that I would share some photos of our converted barn that I am hopeful will convey my personal view of  “Rustic Chic”.   The “after” interior photos were taken by that terrific photographer John Bessler for Traditional Home magazine. 

We were fortunate enough and thrilled that the super folks at Traditional Home ran these shots in the October 2009 issue of their magazine (“Barn Again”)!!   Special thanks to editor-in-chief Ann Maine, and to Jenny Bradley, senior design and lifestyle editor for all their support and enthusiasm.  They couldn’t have been nicer to us or more accommodating.

We were also very pleased that they chose to feature it in their October 2009 issue since there’s just something about barns that say “fall”.   I guess it’s the color-morphing foliage, the softening of the sunlight, thoughts of harvest time and so on that happen at this time of year.   I’ve included a few of the “before” shots of the interiors (photos NOT by John!) for you to view. 

I hope you enjoy seeing these.

great room corner - before

The Great Room "before". This pretty much defies description.

The “before” picture above is rustic, yes.  But chic?  Not yet.  Below is John’s “after” shot which appeared in the magazine.

Great Room after reconstruction

Here are a few more photos from Trad Home’s shoot with a few of our “before” pix. 

Great Room "before"

Great Room "after" with the reclaimed antique center pedestal table

Kitchen "before"

Kitchen "after"

Family Room "before"

Family Room "after"

Here are some more images that appeared in Traditional Home.

Breakfast Room

Kitchen server shot with Paisley supervising the shoot

Reading loft in the Great Room

This is my favorite part in the barn.  It’s a loft area that overlooks the Great Room and where we read a good deal.  It’s very peaceful here.

Master Bedroom

Originally part of the hayloft, this section of the barn now houses the master bedroom.  We reused as much of the original rafter timbers as possible here.  This shot had to be cropped for the magazine page and it lost a good deal of the rafter detailing.  In John’s original shot here, you can see the peak of the 14′ ceiling.

Master Bath vanity



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4 responses to “My Own Private Rustic Chic

  1. Maggie

    Your kitchen is beautiful!
    Could I ask what material you used for your countertops?

  2. Maggie

    Thank you!
    What a beautiful space!

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