Dream Wheels

1948 Studebaker Pickup

1948 Studebaker Pickup

In my first post I said not to look to this site for “monster trucks”,  but I didn’t say anything about rustic chic trucks.  I have kept these images of orange pickups in my inspiration file for a long time.   To me they’re incredibly cool and stylish.  

It’s no accident that I responded to the deep orange, which happens to be a color to which I am very partial.  The 1948 Studebaker at the top is my favorite.  And check out that white leather interior in one of the photos of the Studebaker below!  (Caveat:  not quite sure if white leather in a truck is rustic chic, but maybe I’m splitting hairs.  Orange trucks, however, are definitely RC.)

I would love to design the interior of one of these guys.  How about a really fab cream and brown wide stripe or buffalo check or houndstooth?  Or a deep espresso leather or suede? Ever notice how blah (I really mean ugly and/or nondescript) most car and truck interiors are?  Why is that?  Why can’t it be that when you go to buy some wheels, it can’t be C.O.M.? (That’s “Customer’s Own Material”, for those of you who might not know.)  Just something to think about.

Here are some more pix of that great Studebaker and some other hip orange trucks.  I’ll take ’em all!!

1948 Studebaker Pickup 2

1948 Studebaker Pickup view of the bed

1948 Studebaker Pickup 3

1948 Studebaker Pickup white leather interior

1956 Chevrolet 3100

1956 Chevrolet 3100

1956 Chevrolet 3100 2

1956 Chevrolet 3100 side view

1967 Chevrolet C-10 Sidestep

1967 Chevrolet C-10 Sidestep

1972 Chevy Blazer

1972 Chevy Blazer



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2 responses to “Dream Wheels

  1. Nicole

    You’re so right!! What a great idea! COM options for cars would be absolutely FAB!! Houndstooth?!?! I’d kill for that!

  2. Very nice stude truck,very clean.

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