Welcome to Rustic Chic!

Day One

Rustic Chic’s mission is to examine and report on those aspects of life  – from interior design and fashion to food to music  – that are a little less “slick”, but nevertheless as stylish as their city cousins.  Urbanity is not the sole possessor of chic.  Chic is not the sole provenance of urbanity.  “Chic” and “rustic” are not mutually exclusive.  Sounding high-tone?  I promise this will be the only lecture. 

RC to me doesn’t mean “country” in the usual sense of the word or what most likely springs to mind at first mention, but its roots are firmly planted there.  (I actually prefer the term “pastoral” to “country”, but maybe that’s just semantics . . . )

On this blog, RC won’t show or discuss cliched images that conjure thoughts of “Green Acres”, “Andy Griffith”, “The Beverly Hillbillies” or other stereotypes.  So don’t look here for monster trucks or ‘gator wrestling.

My portrayal of RC will have an updated, modern slant with a young, traditional, simple and classically American vibe.  My RC will sometimes be dressed up, even formal at times (as when I look at some European influences), but it will always be honest, simple, strong, graphic and hard-working. 

I felt that the best way to communicate to you what RC means to me right off the bat would be to post images of my own home which I share with my wife and our sweet mutt cat, Paisley.  This is not being egocentric.  It’s just me trying to show you what RC means to me and how I choose to live with it and then letting you decide if you want to come along on the journey.

Being a Southerner from Alabama transplated to New York and now living in a rural part of New Jersey (within commuting distance to New York where most of my interior design clients live) I have always been drawn to the wide open spaces that a barn could provide – part city loft, part repurposed barn in a hayfield.  (By the way, as an interior designer I don’t care for “country in the city” looks.  If you check out my work at www.joelwoodard.com you’ll see what I mean.)

Our home is a late 18th century stone barn which we converted from a virtual shell a couple of years ago.  Take a look at a “before” picture or two and then the “after” ones.  Interior shots will be on a following post.

west exterior - before

western exterior - before

west exterior - after

western exterior - after

south exterior - before

southern exterior - before

south exterior - after

southern exterior - after

If you dig this kind of thing, are filled with inspiration, and see limitless possibilities when you encounter almost-forgotten architectural gems, then you’ll probably like the majority of the posts I will publish here. 

But as I mentioned earlier, we’re going to look at a lot of different things that I will call “rustic chic”.  Some may even be downright “modern”, but we’ll see how it holds together in context.  Sometimes I may even make a post that could be a far reach to call it “rustic chic” in any stretch of the imagination, but that will be part of the fun.

Thanks for visiting Rustic Chic.  I hope that you’ll enjoy exploring things with me from a slightly different perspective.  Please subscribe to the blog and leave feedback.  I’d love to hear from ya’ll (sorry, I had to get that one in there!).

Joel at Rustic Chic


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  1. And what’s wrong with the Beverly Hillbillies?
    Great job, love it, keep me posted


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