Is It in the Air?

My second post in one day . . .  I’m on a roll.

I was fascinated by the images that appeared in David Colman’s article he wrote last week for The New York Times’ Style section entitled “This Just in From the 1890’s”.  The gist of his story dealt with the current influence of 19th-century clothing (in this case for men) on modern day dressing.  He compared the influence of fashion and home decor on each other and discussed the current rage for curio cases, taxidermy and other Victorian brick-a-brack among the young and hip.  Take a look at his article at The Times’ website (

Is this just our collective backwards-looking where we’re longing for a time simpler than what we’re living through now?  Tis the way of fashion, and life, I suppose.

But as I mentioned at the beginning of the post, it was the tintype imagery by David Sokosh that really grabbed my eye.  Atmospheric and a little smoky, some of the images brought Jesse James and similar outlaw types to mind.

Take a look below.  Definitely rustic chic.

NYTimes 1890s

NYTimes 1890s2

NYTimes 1890s3

NYTimes 1890s4

NYTimes 1890s5

Ok.  These guys look great in their tweeds and plaids, but they’re also pretty wiry.   I, however, being 6′ 3″ and 200 pounds, don’t think I could pull off the great plaid jackets with such elan.  But I could easily live in this woolen, Scottish-plaid wall-upholstered bedroom that I designed for a  house in Saddle River, New Jersey last year.  Rustic and masculine but polished at the same time, this bedroom does double duty as a great place to relax or work.  The cozy color palette of the plaid is a soft coc0a, olive and smoky lavender combination from Schumacher that worked beautifully with dark painted wainscotting.  Take a look.

Back wall wide

Straight on chair and desk

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